The Sector 57 Spartans Scenario Team

 "The Spartans Do Not Ask How Many, But Where They Are."

    The Sector 57 Spartans are a small group of players who all believe in this sport and what it has to offer. They travel to large scenario games to promote the sport and help support the community of paintball fields and their players. Through years of joined experience the Spartans have developed an aggressive, fast paced play style. They are there to lead by example, most often the spearhead of an assault or on the front lines of a defense. However, the win is not the goal of any game. The goal is show how much better it is to be a good sport than the winner. The team has never been given a single penalty for any offence. They are fair players who shoot pump or semi-auto, counting on their accuracy than their volume of shots. So check out the pictures, videos, and player profiles and see exactly what it means to be a Sector 57 Spartan. 

Travis Collins "Winters"

Al Newell "Cannon" 

Scott Dudman "Painless"

Marc Racine "Tiberius" 

Nick Newell "LT SPAZNUTZ" 

Tom Muzik "Aftermath"

 Ray Pouliot "Ghilliray"

Mike Bonnet "Hell Boy" 

Alex Newell "Madsuperdave" 

Jason D'souza

 Brennan Glover "Baby-J"

Adrian Bonnet "Co-op"