Customer Appreciation Event


At Sector 57 we would love to give back to our great community of players this 2016 season with a specially priced day of paintball fun! We will be using our popular mini scenario game format and playing out Terror Instinct, a game written and directed by our own head ref and game creator, Jamie. For more information on what a mini scenario is please visit the bottom of the page.

Gate Opens 9am


Entry and Rentals Free!

Rentals on a first come, first serve basis

Paintball pricing 

$30 per 500

$100 per 2000

Members get 500 bags for $25

(Winter paint may be required if cold conditions exist)

BYOP Licenses permitted for just $30!

(please click here for BYOP conditions)

Free Pizza Lunch (must be present during lunch time)

Sector 57 Mini Walk On Scenario Days

Mini Scenario Days at Sector 57 are not unlike a regular day of walk on play with the exception that games will not be randomized but rather be themed, story driven games. Adding immersion and a new dynamic specific to each scenario will give players a great new way to experience the game. No registration is necessary, just show up and join the fun as you would any other day!

Terror Instinct Game Story

It is the year 40,000. Darkness and GrimDarkness have taken hold of the universe, and an age of endless warfare plays out among the ruins of once great civilizations. Sector 57, a remote region of space in the far eastern fringe of the galaxy is the site of our story today. Only one world in this sector falls under the sway of The Divine Emperor of Terra and the Imperium of Man: an emerald jewel known as New Oshawa. Recently, a disturbing number of reports of cultist activity have filtered back to more civilized space. The inquisition has wasted no time in its pursuit of the forces of evil. They have dispatched one of their finest agents, along with a platoon of imperial stormtroopers to investigate the situation as quickly as possible. Before they arrive however, the situation becomes... terrifying.