Summer Fun at Our Paintball Camp!

  Young Guns Paintball Camp 

Spend the week playing paintball and learning new skills to bring your game to the next level!

Paintball camp is an excellent way for your child to learn team-building and leadership skills.

Training will be provided by two members from our Tippmann Sponsored, Sector 57 Scenario Paintball Teams. As well as special lessons designed and taught by some of our most veteran players!

If your child wants to learn all the fundamentals of paintball or take their game to the next level, spending a week with Spartan instructors is the way to go!

Please note: this is a recreation style paintball camp. Players will learn the fundamentals of woodsball and scenario style paintball. Tough many of the skills are transferrable, it is not ideally suited for players seeking tournament (aka speedball) style training.

Learn about team work, safe play, game etiquette and have FUN! 

This camp is for 10 to 15 year olds.

Camp Runs Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm

For the purpose of skill training, only rental equipment will be used at camp. Players may use their own equipment with restrictions in place on the last game's of the day.

Certificates, Pennants, T-shirts and other keepsakes given on completion of course!


$389.00 (PLUS HST) will include: 

Full Rental Gear 

Full Case of Paintballs (2000 paintballs) 

400 Paintballs each day (400 will be given out daily to ensure they get to play each day)

Extra paintballs for end of day matches may be purchased on site.

BBQ lunch on the Friday

Camp hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm  Monday to Friday

What to bring to Camp:

  • Filled water bottle 
  • (Cold water will be also be available)
  • Loose, comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty!
  • Light jacket
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra set of clothes  Please do not wear sandles to camp. 
  • Lunch and Snack

Pack your child a healthy bag lunch that they will enjoy and that will give them energy for all the activities they’ll be involved in. Do not pack items that require heating or refrigeration.

When packing lunches, please do not include any of the following products in your child’s lunch:

• Peanut butter

• Nutella

• Peanuts

• All tree nuts

• Any product that contains traces of nuts (check ingredients please)

2018 Camp open for registration!

Registration closes July 4th or when camp fills

July 9th-13th

At Sector 57 we use a 3 level system to help ensure the right challenge for your young paintballer. If your child is a long time player or has been to a previous camp then they may choose from one of the other camps listed below.

Each level of camp provides a a fun and challenging week of paintball based activities. With each listing comes a small sample of some of the lessons included.

Level 1: Basic Training

Learn the fundamentals of paintball. Topics of lessons will include: Safety, Shooting & Movement Drills, Team Building Lessons/Games.

Level 2: Advanced Training

Been playing a long time or been to camp before? Then advanced training may be the camp for you to hone your skill set. This camp will include: The different specialized roles in scenario play & finding your own, communication devices, advanced fire and movement drills.

Level 3: Elite Training

This camp is for players who are looking to start a scenario team and want them to be the best! This camp requires a solid understanding of core game concepts so previous camp experience is recommended. This camp will include: The General- How to organize a paintball army, Team make-up - The right players for the right roles equals a well balanced team, squad drills, mock scenario missions. 

Each camp will include a lot of paintball playing of course and many team oriented camp games. Players of different levels will still play and train with each other, so don't worry about splitting up friends/relatives between levels! We will also perform daily morning cardio and stretching exercises. For more information on what camps will include please feel free to call or e-mail us!

Phone: 905.924.2867


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July 9th to the 13th Camp*

Please fill out the form and then purchase your camp ticket below. For alternate payment options please e-mail or call us. 


$ 389.00 CAD