Get Ready For Your War Game Experience!

 This information is for public, walk on games during open season.

Sector 57 opens gate weekends from 10am  for walk on games.

Open till 5pm.

Private reservations of over 20 may be made for any day of the week.

Rental Rates

$35 per player  (walk on's)

Includes field entry, 100 paintballs and full rental kit
(Semi-auto paint gun, face mask, neck protector and free HP air fills)

5+ Player Group gets extra 100 balls per player
a $11.00 value

Member paint prices apply to this package

Valid driver's license/credit card required as security for rental equipment

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Equipment Owner Rates

$10 Field Entry
Field paintballs only
(includes free HP air fills)

$45 BYOP Field Entry
(Yellow/White fill only)
No Cryptic paint allowed
Off field paintball subject to safety testing
Please see Here for more details
(includes free HP air fills)

To view regulations on equipment owners may use, please Click Here
Member paint prices apply to this package

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All Pricing below is HST included

General Pricing                Member Pricing 
100                       $14 +hst          $11.00
300                      $35 +hst
500                      $60 +hst          $39.00
1,000                   $100.00+hst  $75.00
2,000                  $170.00+hst  $120.00     

Per piece rental gear
Neck guard    No Charge
Mask              $5
HPA Tank     $5       (Unlimited refills)
Paint Gun     $10     (no paint included)

Please note that as of 2015 we no longer accept generic 3rd party tickets such as paintball or IPG.

  • Minimum Age is 10 Years. 
  • We operate seasonally so please check the Hours page for our current operating hours. 
  • At least 48 hours notice is required, but it is recommended to reserve as soon as possible especially for weekend bookings as they fill up fast!
  • Groups of less than 10 players that are renting do not require a booking but it is first come, first serve for gear so we still recommended to call ahead or book online. 
  • If you have any questions feel free to check out our FAQ section or fill out the inquiry form below! For Information on booking private games, click here!
  • Please Note: A Valid Drivers License or Credit is Required as a Security For All Rental Gear

What Comes In A Rental Package and What Does It Look Like?

- 98 Custom Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

- Rental Protective Mask

- Compressed Air Tank with Unlimited Fills

- Optional Protective Neck Guard & Chest Protector (neck guards are mandatory for players under 16 years of age)

- 100 Paintballs

How do Walk On games work?

Walk on or open class games are public, which means any player is welcome to play. Groups and individuals will be put into teams and then taken for games. Games run consistently throughout the day and last anywhere from 5-20 minutes. 

When possible we split open class into two groups, beginner and experienced. 

We do our best to keep players and groups together but safety and fairness come above all so players will be split up between teams as necessary to ensure the best all around experience.

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