MagFed & Pump Days!

Mag Fed & Pump Days

The Last Sunday of every month, regular hours (9am-5pm)

Entry: $45 w/500 paintballs

$20 for members (no paint included)

Gun Owners Only

Please Note:

This game type is currently undergoing a trial period so all information is subject to change without notice. Rentals may become available in the future as well.

Current Rules & Limitations 

No Tac caps

Pumps may have no larger than a 10 round hopper

Box Mags & Full Auto allowed for Heavy Gunner Roles

No more than one Heavy gunner per team or one for every 10 players 

(meaning if you use a box mag, bring mags just in case there are no heavy gunner positions available!)

Marker hits will only discontinue use of the marker itself and will not count as an elimination.

1st strike allowed ONLY on our scenario field and must be purchased from field.

Markers using 1st strike must chronograph down to 260fps with 1st Strike Loaded.