Pre register for Gold Rush



     On November 12th, come and fight for your fortune in Sector 57's Gold Rush!


Gate opens at 8am

Play starts at 10am and ends at 3pm. Then a final, special one hour end game will run until 4pm.


    This Big Game is focused on territory control and the retrieval of Gold Bricks and Gold Nuggets. You must control territory so you can collect the gold bricks that periodically are sent out of the mines!

Big Game Format:

Players are divided into two large teams, in this case the Locals and Miners. Game will run all day, with players entering and exiting the play field at their leisure from their teams starting zone.

Scoring Points:

    Every hour, points will be awarded for control of each territory in the form of flag stations (6 in all). Ensure your teams flag is up at as many stations as possible at the top of each hour!

   Every hour, points will also be awarded for deposits of Gold. However, in order to cash in your teams Gold you must have it deposited in your teams Bank at the top of each hour! Bricks and Nuggets both count for points. One Brick will be found within the territory of each flag station and will be worth the most points. Nuggets will be scattered all over the field, and though not worth as much can make a difference in large numbers, so stuff those pockets!


 Each team will have a designated building as their "Bank". Once a player has deposited gold into the bank it cannot be removed by anyone other than a ref. However, if the other team controls the territory where your bank resides at the top of the hour, they will take your deposit for their own! Be sure to protect your Banks!


 This game will incorporate medics. Medics will be assigned and have the power to heal player with hits anywhere but the head. Players who are hit must stay where they are and call for a medic, no shooting, no moving. Once a medic has come, they will wipe off the hit, therby healing you. Medics can not heal themselves but may heal other medics. If a player waiting for a medic is "wounded" longer than a minute or is within close proximity of a player from the other team, they must declare themselves out and exit the playing field.


   A prize draw will occur after gameplay, roughly around 4:30pm. You must be present to win a prize!


   After Prepaying for your ticket below, print off your receipt and bring it with you to the park the day of event, where player packet will be ready for you. If you wish to register with friends have them sign the form under your own "Squad" name. Players will be guaranteed to be on the same team as well a medic may be issued to your squad! 


Entry Day of Event $30

Pre-Reg Entry $25

Paintballs $80 a case

Rental Kit $25 

(See Pricing page for rental package details)

Pre registration for Gold Rush

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$ 25.00 CAD

one entry to Gold Rush (does not include equipment rental)