Glory Days Tournament

 Team Pricing Option A

Team Registration $100

 Entry + 500 Paintballs $30

$25 per extra 500

(Entire team must pick one option or the other. Membership discounts to not apply for tournament)

Team Pricing Option B

Team Registration $100

BYOP $40

(Entire team must pick one option or the other. Membership discounts to not apply for tournament)

September 10th, 2016

Gate opens at 8am, registration starts at 9am.

"You meet the warrior when in battle, but it is not until victory that you meet the gentleman" - Jacinto Benavente

The Glory Days Tournament is designed in keeping with the principles of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship. These are qualities all players should strive for to maintain and grow our sport. Of course above all that, we want everyone to have fun and make new friends! In order to achieve this there will be no large cash rewards or prizes. With this goal in mind the league will maintain reasonable entry prices to attract players of all walks of life. 

The top 3 teams at the end of the tournament will be commemorated with their team name on the Glory Days Trophy. Awards will also be given for individuals who embody the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.

       In order to maintain the fairest level of play there will be strict guidelines on the equipment and firepower of teams, classifying this tournament as a “Milsim” event. Focus will be on how well teams work together. 

Registration Is Open!

August 18th is the Deadline

Tournament Overview

Milsim - "Military Simulation" style paintball

Almost everyone likes to play a simulation of military games in some way or another. The goal is to keep games fun and balanced while immersing players in a war-like setting where there is a goal, an enemy, and only your team to depend on. 

To help achieve this style of play there are restrictions on just what players can use while taking part in our milsim tournament. Continue reading for a full rules list and full descriptions of gear allowed in play.


Registration: A form will appear at the bottom of the page starting February 16th, 2016. Be prepared to include the following information:

-Team Name

-Team Captain - Full name plus contact info. E-mail address required!

-Full names of all other team members who will be in the roster

You will be contacted to finalize your registration. 

Teams will face off on 6 vs 6 objective based games. A team may register a roster of up to 8 players. No player may play for more than one team unless approved by both teams as well as the tournament officials. 

On the event day all 8 players of a full roster may attend and act as subs for different rounds. Entry need only be paid by participating players. However, even if a sub only plays one round, they must still pay the full entry price. Walk on games will be in progress that subs and teams not currently in a match may join at no extra charge.

Teams will be given 6 ID cards prior to each match. Each ID card must be visible so that a referee can check it without having to ask for it. ID cards must be returned at the end of the match. Lost ID cards will result in penalties. The ID cards are as follows:

Team Captain


Support x2

Rifleman x2

For more details scroll down to the Game Roles section.

Having trouble making the minimum? Join our Facebook Sector 57 Community Page to find other players to join your team!

Game Roles

Team Captain 

- The team captain will always be the same unless they are substituted for a round.

- Team captains can not receive medic pinneys.

- Team captains may take grenades.

- Team captains can accept support ammo

- Team captains will be the only player to discuss any game issues with the league officials.


- Medics have the ability to heal players and will be issued a medic ring with 3 pinneys. (i.e, 3 heals only, including self heals)

- The medic can not carry grenades.

- The medic can not accept support ammo.


- May use 200 round hoppers.

- May carry one extra 50rnd pod marked in blue tape for self use or to hand off to another player while both players are still in play.

- Can not carry grenades


- May take grenades

- May take support ammo 

Event Day

Event will be objective based, with a primary, secondary, and bonus objective worth a point each. If a team is able to complete all 3 objectives (Very Challenging!) they will earn an extra point at the end of the match.

Teams should be aware that opposing teams objectives may not be the same or located in the same place!

All objectives will be designed prior to each event and will not follow any specific formula. This will ensure teams that have the means to practice more will not have more of an advantage than their basic team skills. 

Team captains will be sent their objectives via e-mail one week prior to the event, to allow minimal time for strategy.

Every game will be against a different team. Games will be timed so be sure your team is geared up and ready to go by your next posted match!

Pictures and filming will be taken during the tournament. However, these will be used to commemorate special moments only, not to point out winners or losers of any match or event. Remember, this is just as much about having fun! 


Each team will play 3 matches.

Matches will be 15 minutes in length. 

The top 4 teams in points will contend in a final attack and defend mission! Defenders will be the top 2 standing teams against 3rd and 4th place attackers. The rest of the mission specifics will be given on tournament day.

Match times will be posted in the staging area. Your entire team must be ready to enter the field 10 minutes prior to their match time for inspection and ID hand outs. Teams who are late will be penalized.

There will be two sets of starting locations for each match. Team captains will flip a coin for choice of starting location. The winner will pick their teams start location.

Any player who is eliminated from the match (can not be healed) must immediately make their way off the playing field. At no time may they pass off information or equipment.

Points and Standings

At the end of each match it will be determined how many points each team has earned. At the end of each event all points will be tallied and used to determine each teams standing in the tournament. 

At the end of the tournament the top team with the highest points total will be declared the winner. 

If at the end of the tournament any teams are contesting the top spot due to a tie in points the winner will be decided by a best 2 out of 3, five minute elimination round.   


Teams will each receive a ring with 3 pinneys for each match which will be given to the team €œMedic€. The medic can be chosen prior to any match beginning but must remain the Medic until the end of that match and may not hand off the key ring of pinneys at any point during the game.

When a player is hit anywhere below the neck they may have a chance to reinsert if a medic can safely reach them and hand off a pinney to the player. Once the pinney has been received the wounded player will need to take the pinney back to reinsertion and hang it from the Medic Post before wiping the hit and re-entering play. If the medic is wounded they will need to return to HQ themselves to turn in a pinney, which will leave their squad without a medic until he re-enters play. 

A player who is waiting for a medic may not use a marker or eliminate a player in anyway nor can they move more than a body length from where they were hit. They also may not communicate any tactical information other than verbally calling for a medic. Players waiting for a medic must make it obvious that they are out of play by holding their markers up.

The medic must reach a wounded player within one minute or said player will be called out of play for the remainder of the game. Once all the pinneys have been used up the medic may no longer heal players and any other hits thereafter will be eliminations.

Players awaiting medics cannot be €œtagged€ out of play by hitting them again with paintballs. Only if an opposing player closes in enough distance to physically touch the player can he eliminate the player prior to a medic reaching him or before the timer runs out.

A player who has been wounded must return to the medic to tag in within the shortest and most reasonable route. A player who is returning from the medic post is still considered "hit" and must keep their marker held up at all times as a clear indication that they are eliminated. They may not speak to any players from either team until they have tagged in with their medic. If a player is found to be purposely delaying their return or can not find their medic within a reasonable amount of time they will be declared eliminated from the match. Penalties may also apply. 

Always remember this is a game of honour and it is at the referees discretion to decide if a player is acting in any way to contravene the tournaments values. 

Equipment/Ammo Restrictions


Ghillie suits or excessive clothing may not be worn (ex. bulky, loose, and/or padded clothing). Be sure to check that your equipment checks out well before a match. If it is determined by a referee during a match that your clothing is causing bounces you may be declared hit or eliminated from the match.


Radios are allowed and encouraged for this tournament. Teams must declare the channel they are using to the inspecting referee prior to a match. Once approved, players may not switch channels for any reason during the match. Any players found to be on a channel other than the one they declared during inspection will be penalized.


Milsim style markers are to be used in the tournament. 

Marker restrictions include:

Single Triggers only

No alternate fire modes (ramp, burst, auto, response, etc). 

Semi auto only (i.e, one trigger pull=one shot)

Pump action & Pistol allowed.

Two marker limit per person on the field. One primary (standard marker) and one secondary (pistol)

Limit of two 200 round hoppers per team and must take the "support" positions. 

-Everyone else on the team must use 50rnd or less hoppers/feed systems or mag-fed.   

Limit of two flatlines/apex's or a combination of both per team.

.68 caliber, paintballs only. No other projectiles allowed including 1st strike and launchers.  Standard BYOP limitations in effect.


You may share paint among team members between matches so long as players adhere to their ammo limitations. Any  paintballs not allowed (non-field or byop allowed brands) during the event will result in player and/or team disqualification from the tournament.

Each player on a team may take no more than 350 rounds per match. Heavy gunners are allowed one extra 50rnd pod each marked with blue tape that they may either use themselves or give to another player on their team. Both players must still be in play to trade off the paint. Otherwise, no other ammunition hand off is allowed. 

Basic Rules

Penalties: Penalties may be in the form of game handicaps or loss of points. 3 strikes is team disqualification.

Eliminations: If you are hit by a paintball (even if the ball itself ricocheted) and it breaks on you, your gear, or your marker and leaves a quarter-sized mark below your neck, you are injured and need to call a medic if medic pinneys are still available. If you are hit from the neck up or there are no medic pinneys left you are considered out and must raise your maker high and walk off the field. You must make it obvious that you are eliminated for the duration of time it takes you to exit the field. You may not pass off tactical information or equipment/ammo. Any obvious signs of stalling or other conduct deemed inappropriate after an elimination may result in a penalty.

Coaching: There is no outside coaching allowed. Dead players must have their radios off and away as soon as is reasonably possible. Sub players or any other person not playing the match must keep radios off and away for the duration of the match. 

Physical Contact: Physical contact of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result in Tournament disqualification for the player and match forfeit for the team. 

Referees: Do not argue with a referee under any circumstances. If you disagree with a call the team captain may speak to the head official after the match or event. 

Cheating: If any player commits any obvious act of cheating such as playing on with an obvious hit(s), wiping, crossing the field boundaries, etc. that match will be immediately forfeit and the offending player will be out of the event and possibly the tournament pending review.

This Tournament is still in development so information is subject to change without notice.

Team Registration

Please use full names and ensure all information provided is accurate. Forms not completed in full will not be considered. You will be contacted when your form has been reviewed. If accepted, payment of $100 for registration will be required.