Epic Moments, Caught On Camera

Sector 57 Gallery

We have started off Sector 57 with three great fields to hone your skills. But we know you want more so you can bet that with 95 acres to play with, newer and greater locations will open up! Check out what we have to offer and get ready for more!  



When you need a warm up or just want to finish off your day with some quick matches, the Warehouse is built for just for such occasions! Heavy cover such as crates and cars in a small arena make for intense, fun paintball warfare!

This field is also netted so spectators or eliminated players can watch all the action! 



If you like creeping around in the dense woods this field was built for you! Cover fills the center while thick brush lines the flanks. Choose your attack plan and don't ever let your guard down! 



This is the first of what will be many Scenario style fields. Multiple buildings, vehicles, forts and more are scattered throughout this enormous paintball wonderland! This field features something for everyone! Forest for the snipers, forts upon hills for the defenders, and close quarters building to building matches for the adrenaline junky!