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$50 for 1000

$90  a box of 2000

save $5 a box when you pre buy your paint. 

 Saturday, June 16th, 2012

We were all taught that each human is unique, never before has there been another person like you and never will there be again. We were told that our planet has the only intelligent life in the galaxy, through probing and surveilling our universe we knew this. Our search has lead us to create wild fictions about aliens, abductions and UFOs but despite our best efforts these too turned out to be little more than just that. But what if there was another universe, not unlike our own. What if there was another human, exactly like you… 

Years ago, a brilliant scientist was madly looking for a cure to save his son. Through his experiments he made a discovery that would change everything we knew about our planet and its inhabitants. He had discovered a parallel universe, existing in the same space as our own. He tried to put this discovery aside, and continue working on the cure for his mortally sick son. Just as he was on the verge of a breakthrough, a parent’s worst nightmare became a reality, his son died. Enraged, and out of options he turned his focus back to the other universe. All the years of being a man of science, a man with morals and ethics, mattered little. For he was firstly a father, one who would save his son, even if there were dire consequences to do it. Thus he crossed over to the other side causing more damage than he could possibly imagine. 

Following this the populance of both universes lived their lives, oblivious to each other, and as the pages of time turned things became normal again.The East River Vortex was the first step in the collapse of the other side, a black hole which opened with no warning killing thousands. The Amber Protocol was put into effect, sealing the vortex but trapping anyone who was close in amber, a gas which hardens into a rock solid compound, a small price to pay to bandage the universe. The Fringe Division was born. A division of the Department Of Defence in charge of investigating and sealing all weak spots in the universe. We were completely unaware of the damage caused on the other side, until our world started to fall apart as well. The events set in motion all those years ago, when one man changed something so seemingly minuscule, has made a gigantic ripple effect. The events have not gone unnoticed, the "Observers" a race of beings not bound by space or time have taken interest. Their presence carries with it a weight of infinite proportion, with their ability to see the future, our future, the only question is will they break an oath to help save our world, or will we fall to a different fate? 

Through the investigations into these strange happenings, the FBI learned of the book "The First People" which describes a machine with the ability to destroy and create universes, the only downfall is that it will do both. In order to create and fix our universe we would have to destroy theirs. Through struggle and sacrifice we have unearthed the parts of the machine we needed to build it. All that it requires to save our universe is production of an almost unobtainable fuel. The Fringe Division has also succeeded in reconstruction of the machine on their side but they cannot support the fuel making process. In order for them to obtain it, they must take ours, by force. 

Now, The Fringe Division has formed a rift between our universes and amassed an army for invasion. On June 16 2012 The Fringe Division will come through the portal with orders to let nothing stand in their way. The ancient Mayans ended their calendar in 2012 saying that it will be the end of the world; it is now believed that they based this prediction on "The First People".  

This year, a world will end; but will it be ours? Or theirs?