Fringe 2 Big Game

Fringe 2

   It has been 24 years since the Fringe Division came to our universe intent on its destruction. After a tiring battle back and forth, the FBI and the Fringe Division triggered their Wave Sink Devices with equal amounts of fuel creating a bridge between the worlds. 

   This bridge fixed the weak spot between the universes causing peace between them. During the battle, a strange looking man known only as an Observer was captured carrying with him a warning, "They're Coming."  

   5 years later a new enemy with familiar faces became our greatest threat. The invasion was swift and merciless. The Observers hit with such a force, fighting them was hopeless. After 1 week North America was under their rule. Just 2 weeks later the entire world had fallen. During the invasion the bridge was closed sparing our alternates the same fate. Now, in 2036, civilization has become little more than a slave race, molded to serve and maintain the Observers way of life. 

   However, hope for humanity is not lost, several members from the FBI and Fringe Division have been freed from Amber and have a plan to rid their world of the Observers for good. 

   They have formed a new Fringe Division, and on June 1st 2013 their plan goes into motion, the future of human kind rests in their hands.      

June 1st 2013

Game Day Pricing 

Registration: $40

Includes: Entry, Draw Ticket & Lunch 

Paint: $30 Per 500 rounds

          $100 Per 2000 rounds

First Strike Rounds: Allowed, pricing TBD


Co2 Fills: $5 per fill up to 20oz

Rental Kits: $15 Full Kit

(Marker, HPA tank w/unlimited fills Mask, Neck Guard, paintballs not included)

Pre-Register to Save!

 Entry $30      2000 Paintballs $80

That's $30 savings in total!

<-- Pre-Reg Here!

You may also pre-register by phone.


 Game Schedule:

Gate Opens: 8:00 am

Registration Opens: 9:00 am

Game Briefing: 10:00 am

Game Start: 10:30 am

Game Stop: 3:45 pm

Final Battle!: 4:00 pm 

Play Ends, Final Score and Prizes: 4:30 pm

Game Rules


There will be two ways to score points.

Capture of Fluid:There will be three refineries producing critical fuel cells every half hour that both teams must attempt to capture as many fuel cells as possible!

Missions: Every hour missions will be assigned with varying point values. They will be assigned to the General or their XO so check in at your HQ often for current mission objectives!

Special Roles


Each team will have a general and a second in command or XO. Every hour on the hour during the main game the general will receive a mission at their HQ. Only generals or their second in command may receive missions. Once they have received their mission they may assign the task to the rest of the team. Stay in contact with your general to increase your chances at victory!


Players identified with a medic ID card and white armband tape may heal players. Players who have received a hit anywhere but the head (head-shots are always an elimination!) must call for a medic and may not move from the location they were hit or shoot until they have been healed. If a medic does not reach the player within 5 minutes or the player is barrel tagged then they are eliminated and must return to HQ. You may not intentionally fire at a player waiting for a medic! Medics will heal players by wiping off the hit with their medic rags. Medics may heal other medics but may NOT heal themselves. NOTE: It is very important that all old hits are removed as refs will call players on any fresh looking hits.

Full Rules List

Player Package: When you register you will receive a package with a Player Card. Your player card is your ticket to 
play, and must be on you at all times. If you find a player card please turn it in to the closest referee.  

Armband Tape: After registering you will be given Red or Blue armband tape. This tape is to remain on for the
duration of the game. If your tape falls off or is otherwise non functioning please ask for new tape.  

Markers: Any commercially produced, commonly available.68 caliber paintball marker may be used. Any marker 
that can be adjusted on the field, without tools, is required to have a locking device to prevent this from being 
possible. All markers are limited to 280 feet per second. All markers must be capped at 13 balls per second 
IN ALL MODES INCLUDING SEMI-AUTO MODE. You must also have a "barrel sock" for covering the end 
of your barrel in all non-play areas. Barrel plugs are not acceptable. Players caught with no barrel sock on their 
barrel in an off-field area other than the chrono will result in an infraction punch on your player card.  This includes 
markers with no paint or air. If it has a barrel it is required to have a barrel sock on it. Period.

Infractions: Infractions will be based on a 3 strike policy. Each player card has 3 red boxes at the bottom, each 
represents 1 infraction. If 3 infractions are incurred, then the player will be asked to leave with no refund. 
Infractions include, but are not limited to: Lifting mask in play area, marker with no barrel sock in safe zone,
unsafe behaviour, wiping, etc. The referee can make the final call on infractions. If any of your infraction boxes are 
punched by the end of the day you will be ineligible for prizes. Simply, play safe, have fun! 

LAW Rockets (Nerf Launchers): Launchers will not be allowed for use at this game.

Goggles: Goggles must meet current ASTM and insurance requirements, must be unaltered, must provide 
full face, eye, and ear protection, and must have suitable, undamaged lenses in them. 

Radios: Radios are allowed and encouraged. Channels 1-5 are strictly reserved for event and field staff only! Players
caught monitoring these channels will receive 2 infractions. Team channels will be assigned during the morning briefing.

Prohibited Equipment: No tools or knives may be carried on the field. No personal fill stations allowed on the premises. Any items found in violation will be confiscated and may, or may not, be returned after the event.  
No unbreakable trip wires. No pyrotechnic devices. No smoke devices. No shields. No protective padding not commercially-designed for paintball play.

During Play

Physical Contact: Physical contact of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Referees: Do not argue with a referee under any circumstances. If you disagree with a call please speak with the 
event director.

Non players on the field: If you wish to enter the field to take photos, retrieve a lost item, or any other reason you must 
check with a staff member before doing so. 

Wildlife: Shooting of any wildlife will not be tolerated. If you accidentally do so please notify the nearest referee 
immediately so that we can make sure the animal is okay, or render assistance if necessary. If you witness someone 
doing so please notify the nearest ref immediately.

Eliminations: If you are hit by a paintball (even if the ball itself ricocheted) and it breaks on you, your gear, or your 
marker and leaves a quarter-sized mark below your neck, you are injured and need to call a medic. If you are hit from 
the neck up you are considered out and must raise your maker high and walk off the field or to your HQ for re-insertion.  

* It is important that you "get up and out" as soon as you are eliminated. Hold your marker high above your head and
run out of the bunker! With the large number of players you will encounter it is hard to hear someone shouting "Hit!" 
while he/she searches for their barrel sock, and players will continue to shoot thinking you are still in. "Get up and out" 
and get away from the lines of fire, then search for your barrel sock!

Mercy Rule: If you are within 20 feet of another player please give them a chance to surrender. You are asked to please
accept the surrender as the player offering the option had the drop on you and has shown good sportsmanship. In the event of a close range shoot out, the first player tagged is eliminated. 

Faking injuries or medical issues: This will not be tolerated for any reason. Using such ploys on the field will result in 
ejection from the event.

Grenades: Commercially sold paintball grenades will be allowed. Please try to inform a ref before throwing a grenade in order to ensure proper eliminations.  In order to be 
considered an elimination there must be enough paint on the player to be collected into a mark the size of a quarter. 
One or two specks will not be counted as an elimination.

Smoke Grenades: Smoke Grenades of any type will not be allowed at this event.

Re-insertions: Players may only enter the game from their spawn point or HQ. If you have been eliminated, place your barrel sleeve on, and walk off the field. Once off the field you may head directly back to your spawn point.   
Bunkers on the field: No player may move any bunkers unless specifically told to do so for a mission objective.

Please do not move or touch any props on the field unless otherwise told so during the morning briefing, in mission 
description, or by event staff. 

Personal Property

Personal property of others is to be respected at all times. Any type of theft or vandalism will result in your immediate 
ejection from the event with no refund.