Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the conditions caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we will remain closed until further notice. Please check back for an opening date when things begin to get back to normal. 
Bookings will not be taken online or otherwise.

For now, stay safe! 

Answers To Our Most Asked Questions

Will It Hurt?

  Most of the time you will not notice more than a short sting when you are hit with a paintball. If you are worried we will gladly rent you neck guards and camo jackets/coveralls to absorb the shock.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

   BYOP (bring you own paint) is allowed for walk on play only (not available for private or semi-private games) with purchase of a BYOP license. Outside paint may have aged to become hard, risking injury, or lower grades of paint may stain clothing, so regulations on byop are in place. Please click here for more details on BYOP. Outside paint is never allowed during private games. Illegal paint being used will result in you being asked to leave, no exceptions. This includes playing fields and chrono areas. 

Is Paintball Safe?

    Yes. When all the proper safety precautions are followed and the necessary protective equipment is being properly used paintball has been statistically proven to be more safe than bowling or soccer!

Do I need To Make A Reservation?

    If you are planning a group or party then yes. We require a deposit to book and hold your date. If you wish to come out as an individual or small group (less than ten players) and attend open class games you may do so on Saturdays and Sundays (excluding special events). We strongly suggest calling ahead or booking online prior to attending open class games to ensure space and if required, rental gear is available.

Can I cancel my reservation?

 You are essentially buying concert or sporting event tickets when you make a reservation, therefore, no refunds or credits will be issued, no exceptions. However we can allow you to reschedule your play date to another day within 1 calendar year. 24 hour notice before your play date is required. A rescheduling fee of $5 per player and $100 flat will be required for any private groups.

What if some of the players don’t show up?

    We do not issue refunds or credits for any players in your paintball party who do not show up or are late on your scheduled play date.

What if I need more paintballs?

    If you need more paintballs you may purchase them at the field concession. You can check out the pricing here.

How many paintballs will I shoot?

    The average paintball player shoots roughly 400-500 shots in a 4 hour session. Though some may shoot less and often trigger happy players will shoot more. Planning on coming out often? Check out our membership page for great discounts!

Do You Take Debit/Credit?

   Yes! We have onsite Debit, Visa and Mastercard! Though bringing some cash is recommened for speed of service.

I have my own gear/marker? Can I bring it?

   For open class play absolutely! You will need to have your marker tested and are responsible for all your own equipment, so don't forget your parts kit! Personal markers must be set for semi-auto fire only. No burst, full-auto, ramp or other modes allowed. One trigger pull, one paintball. Barrel socks must be fixed to your markers at all times in safe areas, no exceptions. As for groups it is up to the organizer of your group to decide whether or not owners may bring their own markers. Remember, for open class, there are certain regulations under the new War Games structure so be sure to click here for more info!

Outside equipment is never permitted for semi-private play.

Do you cancel for rain/bad weather?

   We are here for your paintball fun no matter what the weather! Rain or shine, game on! If lightning occurs we will halt play until it passes then resume play afterwards.

Do you fill Co2/HPA tanks?

   Yes! We rent and fill Co2 tanks and HPA tanks! Check the prcing tab for more info.

What can I do if I have paint left over after playing for the day?

Nothing is worse than having left over paint that cannot be used again at your favorite field. However, it is important for the safety of others that all paint is regulated and stored properly to ensure quality and safety. We have developed a system to allow players to return with unused paintballs while maintaining the integrity of the paintballs.
Left over paint purchased at Sector may be returned to the park for future use so long as the following procedure is taken.

  1. Bring your paint to the counter. It will be sealed and date stamped. The seal must not be broken before it returns to the park.

  2. Bring your paintballs back within six weeks and check it in at the counter when you register before opening it for use.

Easy to do and you will know the paint being shot at you is always fresh, washable and safe!