END Big Game


The story so far...

After the world's ending only the cursed and diseased are left behind to live in a world ravaged by death. The twisted, mutated corpses of the zombie hordes roam the lands, leaving nothing but horror in their wake. In one of the only green lands left two groups of survivors are divided by war, threatening each others survival.

Castra, the last known stronghold of the living stands as a beacon of hope, protecting those free of the zombie blight behind high walls. Expect that hope is false to any who do not already reside within...

The government within Castra had shut the doors permanently to outsiders, and had enlisted a group called the Venators to protect the sanctity of their home from migrating refugees. This military group has become better known as "Hunters", for they had scoured the land for survivors, killing all the poor desperate souls who did not willing turn back.

In the distant hills, however, a group of survivors had formed together, taking in all refugees who had been turned away. They were known as the Exiled, and they survived by scavenging for supplies. It was a hard living, but they made it work thanks to the guidance of their leader, King. 

The Hunters saw this growing population as a threat to Castra, fearing they would inevitably grow too large in number to sustain themselves and would launch a siege against Castra, choking them out with sheer weight of numbers. So they enlisted Caesar, the most feared among the Exiled, to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Exiled home.

It was a bitter fight, with both sides taking heavy casualties. The noise also caught the attention of an even greater enemy...

The Exiled had proven to be more resourceful than anticipated, and with King co-ordinating their defence, Caesar knew he had to change his tactics. So he called for negotiations with King. They met alone in the hills and before the first words could be spoken between them the first contact of a zombie horde fell upon them, and together they brought down zombie after zombie until finally a pile of the undead lay at their feet. Caesar then turned and shot King down. He knew a horde was coming and he had only one priority...protect Castra, at whatever cost. 

Caesar withdrew his forces to prepare the defence of Castra as the Zombie horde fell upon the leaderless Exiled. The war was as good as over, or at least, that's what Caesar believed.

A long winter passed and the zombie horde had been repelled by the great walls of Castra. It seemed as though a golden age had come to the city. No Zombie Hordes and no army of refugees threatened them anymore. 

Out in the distant hills, however,  where the scars of a battle still stained the land, an old hidden war bunkers doors creaked open. The Exiled had survived again, having fallen back to the bunker after the fall of King. A new leader had taken over, Hector, and he helped his remaining people live through the winter in a dark, bitter hole. Thirsty for vengeance Hector lead a campaign of guerrilla warfare against the Hunters, thinning their numbers and forcing them to bring Caesar to the front again. 

Zombies, Hunters, and Exiled alike clashed in engagements all over the lands surrounding Castra, and finally Hector met Caesar in the field of battle. But the fight would not last long, a zombie horde surprised the rear guard of the Hunters, and Caesar retreated to rally his men. Hector fought to catch up, but his forces were tied up with zombie problems of their own, and both sides fell back to their homes to regroup.

Caesar must prepare his forces. Castra has enforced conscription among the populace. Many of them have been born within the walls and have never known combat or the horrors that lie outside the walls. It can not be helped, the Exiled simply have more men. It's a fight for their very survival. Caesar always knew this day would come, when someone would come to take what they have. He must be ready to do what is necessary, whatever that may be, as he has always done before. Fires are lighting up in the distant hills, as Hectors forces make ready to march to war, and Caesar can only hope they are ready. 

Furious with the lost opportunity, Hector readies his Exiled forces for a different fight. No more guerrilla warfare, no more surprise attacks. It's time to take the fight to Castra, to tear down their high walls and set a fire to their beloved city. Hector swears he will stand in the hills after the battle and watch the great city fall. He does not want it for himself, nor any of the resources within... 

He just wants to LET IT BURN!

Who will you fight for?

The END who want nothing more than vengeance, or the 

Hunters, still considered the guardians of Castra and civilization as we know it.

Our Most Anticipated Big Game! 

Please note that as the game develops all information is subject to change without notice. It is important to be at the players briefing game day for the finalized rules and game summary

Game Schedule

This game will begin right at 10AM so try and get to the park early! Registration, chrono and morning brief can take some time and you don't want to miss any of the action!

8:00am        Gate Opens

8:30am        Registration Begins

9:30am        Game Briefing

10:00am      Main Game Starts

12:30pm      Lunch Break

1:30pm        Main Game Resumes

4:00pm        Main Games Ends

4:30pm        Final Battle Begins

5:00pm        Final Battle Ends

                   Score, Prizes & Awards

You Must Be Present To Win!

Game Day Pricing

Registration: $40 

Includes: Entry, Draw Ticket & Lunch

Paint: $25 per 500

          $80 per 2000

1st Strike: Not allowed at this event


Co2 Fills: $5 per fill up to 20oz

Rental Kit: $10

(Marker, HPA tank w/unlimited fills, Mask & Neck Guard. Paint not included. Rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis)

(Please note that no coupons, tickets or other offers will be taken on special event days)

Walk-on players welcome to join game day


Marker Limitations

Commercially produced .68 cal paintball markers only

Velocity must be 280 fps or less. Markers only qualify when 3 shots in a row all fall under the max velocity.

Gun owner’s markers must meet or be made to meet the following restrictions:

Semi-Auto – no fire assists whatsoever (Electronic fire modes other than semi, response triggers, cranks, etc.)

Single Finger Trigger for any mechanical marker with an electronic grip. (Marker trigger must not be able to be “walked”)


Gravity Fed hopper for any Electronic, or otherwise tournament designed marker (markers that have triggers that can be "walked"). Must also remain in semi-auto with a max fire rate of 10bps.


Q: My Marker is mechanical and has no electronics. May I use a cyclone feed/Electronic hopper?

A: Yes.

Q: My marker is mechanical and has no electronics or other fire assists but does have a double trigger, is that ok?

A: Yes.

Q: I don’t understand the regulations, will you be able to tell me if I can use my marker when I get there?

A: Yes. Most markers will require very little change to be made to fit the regulations we have set. You can also e-mail us with any questions and we will do our best to identify your marker and any adjustments that may be required.

Q: If I get there and my marker does not meet the requirements, what can I do?

A: We will do whatever we can to regulate your marker. Should you require any pieces of rental gear to do so we will be happy to loan them to you free with a security deposit. 


Has Ended

Players may now walk on game day

Pre-Registration Bonus! 

A lucky player won a new Tippmann TCR mag fed paintball marker to use for END!

Pre-register next time for another chance at a pre-reg prize!



(no returns of regular field paint allowed at this event)

This is a standard Sector 57 War Games Event in terms of gun owner regulations. For details on marker regulations please read left. 


The two main objectives of the day are to capture supplies scattered at random throughout the playing field as well as territory control. Items of various sizes (gas cans, medical kits, ammo boxes, etc.) and point values will be placed at pre-determined locations. You must recover as many of these as possible. DO NOT move items that are not clearly labelled as SUPPLIES unless instructed by your general.

Team coloured turn sticks will be placed at each territory. Ensure your teams colour is facing up at the top of each half hour to score.

There will also be missions given to each teams general every hour on the hour. These can be completed for extra points and sometimes even team bonuses!

Special Roles:


Each team will have a general and an second in command. Every hour on the hour during the main game the general will receive a mission at their HQ. Only generals or their second in command may receive missions. Once they have received their mission they may assign the task to the rest of the team. Stay in contact with your general to increase your chances at victory!


Players identified with a medic ID card and white armband tape may heal players. Players who have recieved a hit anywhere below the neck (head-shots are always an elimination!) must call for a medic and may not move from the location they were hit or shoot until they have been healed. If a medic does not reach the player within a reasonable time or the player is barrel tagged they are eliminated and must return to HQ. You may not intentionally fire at a player waiting for a medic! Medics will heal players by wiping off the hit with their medic rags. Medics may heal other medics but may NOT heal themselves. NOTE: It is very important that all old hits are removed as refs will call players on all fresh looking hits.


The Horde: There will be random zombie encounters during the course of the game. Zombies have no team nor do they have markers. They will be distinguished by their costumes and orchestrated by “Handlers” which are essentially referees who control the movement and release of zombies.

Zombies will eliminate players by touching them. Only one person may be eliminated by the same zombie during a rush. Once a zombie has successfully touched a player it will count as the equivalent of a headshot for both the zombie and the player. Medics cannot heal players who have been tagged by a zombie, no cure has been found yet! If a zombie has a received a headshot prior to tagging a player the elimination will not count.

There will be several types of zombies as described in the following:

Regular Infected Human Zombies - will be activated in hordes by an air horn blast and will last a pre-determined time of either 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 1 minute. The second air horn blast will call them off. Players have several options when facing a zombie horde.

1. Flight – stay out of distance of zombies reach, ensuring you are faster than the other players attempting escape

2. Fight – Zombies may be eliminated by HEAD shots. When a zombie is eliminated they will crouch down and cover their head to show they are eliminated and remain stationary until the end of the zombie rush. YOU MAY NOT FIRE AT ELIMINATED ZOMBIES. Any intentional overshooting of any player, zombie or human, will result in ejection from the park.

3.       Safe House – Players may attempt to wait out the zombie rush in the nearest buildings designated with the “safe house” label. There is NO required truce during zombie rushes. However, players may wish to think about making a gentlemen’s agreement for the sake of survival. Once a player is inside a safe house they are immune from zombies and may provide fire support from any available windows.

The Witch: 

The witch may appear at any time, in any place as an independent threat (will never be part of a horde). Witches may be stationary or may wander in their designated areas. Witches only become active when disturbed, either by receiving a shot from a marker or by being touched or bumped by a player. Once the witch has been triggered the handler will sound the horn at which time the witch will go on an insanity spree, attempting to outrun and eliminate as many players as possible for 30 seconds, until the second air horn calls her off. Witches are immune from fire and cannot be eliminated, even with a headshot, you must simply survive its vicious attacks for 30 seconds. Unlike regular zombies, witches do not have a kill limit. You MAY NOT attempt to shoot the witch into submission. Safe houses also provide protection from the witch.  



Full Rules List

Player Package: When you register you will receive a package with a Player Card. Your player card is your ticket to 
play, and must be on you at all times. If you find a player card please turn it in to the closest referee.  

Armband Tape: After registering you will be given Red or Blue armband tape. This tape is to remain on for the
duration of the game. If your tape falls off or is otherwise non functioning please ask for new tape.  

Boundaries: The play area is clearly marked by yellow boundary rope. You may not cross the rope for any reason other than to enter/exit the field. Players caught out of the boundary will receive an infraction. 

Buffer Zone: Along with the boundary tape there will also be a buffer zone around each teams spawn area or HQ. This prevents stoppage in play due to a team being completely overrun. The area will be marked with an orange staked perimeter. You may not enter another teams buffer zone. However, you may shoot into a buffer zone and be shot from within a buffer zone.  

Markers: In addition to the regulations listed above: 
You must have a "barrel sock" for covering the end of your barrel in all non-play areas. Barrel plugs are not acceptable. Players caught with no barrel sock on their barrel in an off-field area other than the chrono will result in an infraction punch on your player card.  This includes markers with no paint or air. If it has a barrel it is required to have a barrel sock on it. Period.
Infractions: Infractions will be based on a 3 strike policy. Each player card has 3 red boxes at the bottom, each 
represents 1 infraction. If 3 infractions are incurred, then the player will be asked to leave with no refund. 
Infractions include, but are not limited to: Lifting mask in play area, marker with no barrel sock in safe zone,
unsafe behaviour, wiping, etc. The referee can make the final call on infractions. If any of your infraction boxes are punched by the end of the day you will be ineligible for prizes. Simply, play safe, have fun! 

LAW Rockets (Nerf Launchers): Launchers will not be allowed for use at this game.

Goggles: Goggles must meet current ASTM and insurance requirements, must be unaltered, must provide 
full face, eye, and ear protection, and must have suitable, uncracked and undamaged lenses in them. 

Radios: Radios are allowed and encouraged. Channels 1-5 are strictly reserved for event and field staff only! Players caught monitoring these channels will recieve 2 infractions. Team channels will be assigned during the morning 

Prohibited Equipment: No tools or knives may be carried on the field. No personal fill stations allowed on the 
premises. Any items found in violation will be confiscated and may, or may not, be returned after the event.  
No unbreakable trip wires. No pyrotechnic devices. No smoke devices. No shields. No protective 
padding not commercially-designed for paintball play.

During Play

Physical Contact: Physical contact of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Referees: Do not argue with a referee under any circumstances. If you disagree with a call please speak with the 
event director.

Non players on the field: If you wish to enter the field to take photos, retrieve a lost item, or any other reason you must 
check with a staff member before doing so. 

Wildlife: Shooting of any wildlife will not be tolerated. If you accidentally do so please notify the nearest referee 
immediately so that we can make sure the animal is okay, or render assistance if necessary. If you witness someone 
doing so please notify the nearest ref immediately.

Eliminations: If you are hit by a paintball (even if the ball itself ricocheted) and it breaks on you, your gear, or your 
marker and leaves a quarter-sized mark below your neck, you are injured and need to call a medic. If you are hit from 
the neck up or "tagged" by a zombie you are considered out and must raise your maker high and walk off the field or to your teams HQ for re-insertion.  

* It is important that you "get up and out" as soon as you are eliminated. Hold your marker high above your head and
run out of the bunker! With the large number of players you will encounter it is hard to hear someone shouting "Hit!" 
while he/she searches for their barrel sock, and players will continue to shoot thinking you are still in. "Get up and out" 
and get away from the lines of fire, then search for your barrel sock!

Mercy Rule: If you are within 20 feet of another player please give them a chance to surrender. You are asked to please
accept the surrender as the player offering the option had the drop on you and has shown good sportsmanship.

Faking injuries or medical issues: This will not be tolerated for any reason. Using such ploys on the field will result in 
ejection from the event.

Grenades: Please try to inform a ref before throwing a grenade in order to ensure proper eliminations.  In order to be 
considered an elimination there must be enough paint on the player to be collected into a mark the size of a quarter. 
One or two specks will not be counted as an elimination.

Smoke Grenades: Smoke Grenades of any type will not be allowed at this event.

Reinsertions: Players may only enter the game from their spawn point. If you have been emliminated, place your 
barrel sleeve on, and walk off the field. Once off the field you may head directly back to your spawn point.   

Bunkers on the field: No player may move any bunkers unless specificly told to do so for a mission objective.


Please do not move or touch any props on the field unless otherwise told so during the morning briefing, in mission 
description, or by event staff. 

Personal Property

Personal property of others is to be respected at all times. Any type of theft or vandalism will result in your immediate 
ejection from the event with no refund.