Cancellation Policy

It’s raining or I need to cancel, now what?

We play rain or shine. Once a game is booked and paid for it cannot be cancelled for any reason. Rescheduling can be done with 24 hours notice but any private game will result in a fee of $5 per player as well as $100 flat rescheduling fee. Non-private groups of 10 or more will require $50 per 10 players. 

If lightning occurs on the grounds we will break until it has passed and then resume play. You will have up to 1-calendar year to reschedule. 

My party is late, what happens?

If you have players who are late we suggest starting without them. It is much quicker to get a few late players caught up than to try and run an entire late party into registration. If your party is not ready to register on time you will have to wait until staff is available to help you. No discounts or extra time will be granted due to late parties/players.

I’m here but I’m missing players, what happens?

It can be very disappointing to have 20 people tell you they are going to jump into the field with you tomorrow only to show up with barely enough players for a game. As most games will require a per-player deposit it is important you get a commitment from all your players. There are no refunds, credits or other reimbursement for players who show late or not at all. When you register players you are essentially buying a concert ticket per player for us to purchase supplies, hold rentals & space and in the case of private games, hire extra staff.

If you booked a private game but do not meet the minimum required players for private play game day you will be placed into open class games.