Birthday Parties

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Semi-Private Birthday Party
$39+HST Per Player
5+ Players

Includes Rentals, 200 paintballs and two hours of semi-private play

Only rental paint guns are allowed to be used by players, no exceptions

A semi private birthday party is a great way to enjoy the game of paintball. Semi-private birthday groups will be mixed only with other Semi-private birthday parties to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for all players.

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Private Birthday Party

$35+HST Per Player 
10+ Players
(20 player max during weekends)

Includes Rentals, 200 paintballs and two hours of private play
Ages 10-15 years only with up to two adult players
Outside paint guns allowed by organizer's permission only. 
Initial 10 players must be paid in full. Additional players may be paid for game day.

Perfect if you have a larger party and want to play just amongst your own group. Your party will be taken to private fields guided by your own field staff. 
The organizer may also allow the use of player owned paint guns. Please advise, however, that extra time will be required to test the players equipment which could result in loss of play time.